Bell Overlake Apartments.

Bell Overlake Apartments is a 6-story, modern, hard-angled building with a rooftop patio visible, mature trees along the side, and a highway next to it. 3040 is written on the side, and the surrounding sidewalks have small trees with landscaping. More large trees can be seen from another angle, and the building has many balconies along all sides along with tall windows. A paved trail is to the right of the building between it and the highway, going through a thin strip of mature trees to either side. A fence is along one side of the trail and a bicyclist is riding down it. Sideview of the building from the street level shows a parking garage entrance and steps up to a leasing office.

The Mountain Club.

The Mountain Club is a modern interior space with a plush couch, modern design elements, and several unusually shaped chairs. It is a large room with a wall of windows and glass doors overlooking a courtyard. Plush couches are in the middle, a long table with bar seating is along the windows, along with several tables in the back, and a black wall with inset lighting. A coffee dispenser machine with the Starbucks logo on its touchscreen sits against a black wall with cups and sweeteners.

The Plaza.

An outdoor courtyard at the center of the building with raised-bed landscaping, plush couches and tables. The Plaza has fire pits and BBQ grills. The firepit is a flat-top table surface surrounded by plush seating. Behind the fire pit is a long grill counter area with two inset grills and a table with 8 chairs. An outdoor ping pong table is in a covered area behind the grills. An aerial view of The Plaza shows the firepit and grill are to the right while a large open area with 11 small tables and chairs is to the left.

Modern Apartments with Spacious Layouts.

The bedroom shown has floor-to-ceiling windows, pale wood-style floors, a queen bed, TV, and white decor. Exposed ducts are seen in the ceiling, and there is a sliding door closet. The living room has dark brown wood-style floors, a couch, a coffee table, an end table, and a small kitchen table with two chairs. The kitchen to the left with stainless-steel appliances including a refrigerator, dishwasher, sink, microwave, and stove slash oven. It has dark cabinets with light colored walls, modern stylish finishes, and a door in the back. A closeup of the kitchen sink shows it is under-mounted with a goose-neck faucet. Bathroom interior has a tiled shower stall with a stainless-steel shower head and glass door. There is a large mirror, under-mount sink, designer counters, and a toilet. Closeup shown in of a modern stacked washer and dryer in a closet nook just big enough for it to fit.

Relaxing Sky Deck with Mountain Views.

Aerial of the rooftop patio shows several tables, chairs and plush seating. About 9 seating areas, all spaced out nicely. Looking over the railing, there are distant mountain views with lots of mature trees and buildings. An aerial shows mountains in the distance past trees, buildings, and crossing highways.

Mountain Terrace Lounge.

An interior area with a long table with bar seating, a small table with electrical plugs on top, a couch, and tall windows. View outside window is a balcony with mature trees and mountains in the distance. Lounge has a staging kitchen area with a TV, outlets, a sink, a bathroom, cabinets, a long counter, and under-counter appliances including a small fridge with a glass front, a microwave, and two unidentified stainless-steel doors, one vertical one horizontal.

The Fitness Hub with Free Weights and Yoga Studio.

The Fitness Hub room has 2 ellipticals, 3 treadmills, mirrored walls, tall windows, a TV, a stair step machine, and free weights, and possibly more off-screen hinted in the mirrors. Yoga room has a TV, mirrored walls, big windows, yoga mats, 2 spin cycles, and large exercise balls.

Pet Spa.

The Pet Spa is a room with a stainless-steel dog washing station with a ramp up to the basin and a blow dryer. It has a small table on the opposite wall with 2 treats jars with big and small treats and a sign saying, “Dog bar, take a goodie from the jar” and 2 hearts.

Parking Garage

The parking garage has at least 6 electric car charging stations, each numbered. A closeup of charger shows that it is a Clipper Creek brand electric vehicle charging station, high power. A closeup of sign that says Bicycle Storage is shown on a protective gate.

Local Shops and Restaurants Just Minutes Away in Downtown Redmond

An aerial shot pointing towards downtown shows Redmond skyscrapers, and in the far distance a city with more skyscrapers. There are thick mature trees throughout the landscape and between buildings. The Redmond Town Center sign is shown on a charming commercial building. It is a shopping center with 2-stories of businesses in all directions, walking paths, and a road through the middle. iPic Theaters is on the corner. A sign that says Center Street Plaza is on a huge, circular, covered walking bridge between buildings. An outdoor central area is shown with fountains, a mural, bench seating, and is surrounded by 2 stories of retail including the original pancake house and Starbucks coffee. Close ups show many retail locations: iPic Theaters, Play Live Nation with a Xbox One sign, Tipsy Cow Burger Bar with outdoor picnic table seating and umbrellas, The Matador Restaurant and Tequila Bar in an older brick building, Matt’s Rotisserie and Oyster Lounge with outdoor seating patio and heater, The Whole Cat and Caboodle cat café with a chalkboard sign that has something for $5 written on it.

Countless Parks and Recreational Areas.

Areas shown are:

  • Downtown Park. A sign says “Downtown Park” on a white modern building, with sidewalk, landscaping, and streets shown.
  • Idylwood Park. A sign says “Idylwood Park, Redmond Parks and Recreation,” with a parking lot, trees, and roads behind it. Scene changes to a long wooden fence and grassy area overlooking a lake with thick, mature trees on the opposite side.
  • Marymoor Park.  A sign says “Marymoor Park, Willow Moor Farm, King County Park System.” Sign sits on landscape rocks by mature trees. Three small dogs play in the grass by fence.
  • Bridle Trails State Park. A sign says “Bridle Trails State Park, Welcome” and in smaller text “Cooperating Agencies” and “Washington State Parks.” Mature trees, dirt trails, and wooden fences are shown. Now, a dirt trail surrounded by very tall trees and wild plants with sunlight peeking through.
  • An urban waterfall fountain is shown with ducks along the bottom in a man made pond area with trees and skyscrapers in the background.

Activities For Every Lifestyle.

Several scenes are shown. Two people kayak in a lake with mountains in the distance. A man in a movie theater laughs and eats popcorn. Two women in a shopping mall with bags laugh and window-shop. A closeup of feet playing dance dance revolution. Two people bike down a wooded, paved trail. An aerial of a motor boat moving through a lake. An aerial of a lake with Mount Rainier in the far distance and beautiful landscapes of trees and buildings.

Bell Partners logo. Video by Emerald Media.